Program Endorsement

The Institute of Group Leaders (IGL) has a national endorsement process for community based group work programs and a website register of those programs. This process enables organisations and individuals who have developed group work programs to obtain national accreditation. The endorsement process is focused on the program’s development rather than the recognition of competency for the facilitator (Specialists in Group Work, 2000).

The program design accreditation identifies the core requirements for psychoeducational group work programs. It provides guidelines and examples of how this is demonstrated. It is deliberate that the core requirements are articulated in broad terms to allow for flexibility and creativity in program design and in presentation of supporting evidence in the accreditation submission.

The program endorsement process will enable:

  1. organisations or individuals to recognise their group work programs as a ‘quality program’
  2. organisations or individuals to display an ‘IGL Endorsed Program‘ electronic sticker on their program manual. This may be useful to for the marketing of the programs or to promote the sale of manuals to other organisations
  3. group facilitators will be able to access the IGL website to obtain information about existing programs for different target groups and issues. They can approach the relevant organisations to purchase the program or obtain the rights to use their program
  4. other organisations or group leaders to access the IGL website to check the endorsement status of group work programs
To receive a copy of the endorsement criteria or more information contact us.

This page is also available as a printable brochure. If you would like to apply, here is a copy of the endorsement criteria.